Second Chances

You know it very well, the kind of opportunity that you get once in a life time. And if you capture and convert it into the golden chance of making your dreams come true you are in luck. And if you don’t, wish you good luck, ‘There are ain’t any second chances’.

Second chance depends upon the nature of your opportunity. Sometime you are given one chance only and only then you have to strike with your mighty power and tap it into success. For, maybe, you will not be given another chance. Determination is a thing that bridges the gap between losing or winning the opportunity. If you are given a chance again, you may want to walk from the lost side to the victory. Be ready for what you want but also for what you don’t expect. You might be not given another chance, my dear.

Always keep in my mind; this opportunity is given to only you not everybody will get it. Make the best out of it, so you don’t have to sigh later that why you let it go and why didn’t you understand the kind of signals given to you. I have seen people living with the guilt of not tapping opportunities and not converting the signals that life gave to them at several points of their life. I mean there is one flash, life is not so cruel, it helps you at every time of your life. What you want is ACTUALLY what you will get, nothing else. But to achieve what you want you will be given a chance. Again, it depends upon you. And the chance given to you may also depend upon your ability. But take it like this, you are given chance, cause most of the time, you have the ability to convert that chance into success.

Life itself is a opportunity and in fact everything in it is a like a golden chance. If you get a opportunity to smile to someone do it now, remember ‘There ain’t any second chances’. If you can help someone, love someone, care someone, speak truth. Do it now.

I have missed a few such chances, and I know the pain, I will never get those moments back and the chance to mold my life in the way I always wanted to. There ain’t any second chances.

(PS: I have not included 50-50 option in reply to the question, I don’t know. But I want to know either you agree with me or not)


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