some random thoughts

Cyber world vs. real world…

I draw a strict line between real and cyber world. And I know where cyber world begins and where it ends. But I prefer cyber world over real one, why? Because I get opportunity to express myself, share my thoughts, listen to opinions of others and re-take if I am wrong at first place. In real world it is not possible for me. I am not drifting into it (wandering from one place to another place without any aim). I am sure what I want and what I have. I will not wonder if I set up myself as a eminent personality here. I have view of 360 degree that revolves around each and everything in my life. That means while I am interested in programming, I am also interested in poetry or fishes or food or travel whatever the case maybe. You may find my posts on an inspirational site and at the same time at a digital photography website or a travel site or anything you can possibly think of. So, I don’t know if others know it, I know where I am from and where I am going!

Reading some books…

Let me dusts off my reading skills, getting inspired from one of my friends; I am thinking to read some new books. Most of my food for thoughts comes from Internet and newspapers; it’s a long time since I read a book. It was some Harry potter and something which I brought from school library. I purchased few booklets containing inspirational quotations and poems a half year ago. Very often I read my horoscope (it is from Daruwala). I am planning to purchase a few more books and pile them to my stock.


Sometimes leading a very hygienic life can actually result in allergies. According to a recent study by the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute in New York, when people live extremely clean, antibiotic lives, their immune system finds something else to attack – such as proteins in certain foods.
The study says that’s because the immune system gets misdirected and is not getting the practice it needs to. There’s compelling evidence low allergy rate in undeveloped countries, where people’s immune systems are busy fighting off bacteria and other pollutants.


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