Lonely evenings…


My eyes looking for someone,
my soul searching for some thing;
finally gratify and relax,
in the lonely evening!

Smell of first drop of rain,
stir a wonderful sensation;
Bring back to me memories
of best days and mornings;
but finally, I find what I ever wanted,
in the lonely evening.

A friend and a feeling lost,
sitting in a dark room;
I found myself, dream, a light,
I rediscover solitude,
every lonely evening!

As the caravan of memories,
move up to a line;
One of them left behind,
come and rejoin again,
in the lonely evening;

Older and older I growing,
I have seen a youth whirling;
finally, I take him back and rejuvenate,
in the lonely evening!

Meaning used in this poem:

gratify : give satisfaction
stir: Evoke or call forth, with or as if by magic
caravan : A procession traveling together in single file
rejuvenate: Make younger or more youthful


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