Unknown friends…

I wasn’t excited, but I was curious. I was pretending I am very confident, my gosh, when I was feeling nervous the most. Without realizing my hands trembled a little bit to reach out to a small lock to open up the door. A door to the whole new world of friends. I was sure getting more nervous. As I enter, I see group of people sitting facing the opposite. A few of them turned their back to see who has come.

A few of them sit straight pretending that they are not interested to know who is there. A few of them look suspiciously at me as do I. I pretend to smile when I feel to get out and run away like hell. I have learnt the art of make-up. A few of them from the corner of their eye see what I am. I think of getting up and yelling “I AM NOT AN ALIEN”. 1 hour past we are still like we were in the start. Still unknown to each other, trying to figure out each other’s personality. Trying but not showing that we want to know each other. Now, I was excited. But still sitting like I don’t know where I am. I was feeling like if I am being thrown into this class room just for the sake of getting tortured. No talks, no jokes, no fun. And then I would have to spend rest of 2 months with them. God save me.

Five days later, those unknown people have become my friends and some of them are heading their way to become my best friends. All misunderstanding is cleared, and we understand we are like each other. No that much different from deep inside our hearts. It is just a matter of time.

Sitting another day, someone entered the room. This time I turned back and a big smile and then a hand shake and a warm welcome, this was the unknown friend waiting to be known…


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