Why she phone-called me?

It was the end of the day, I would not say or lie that day was just fine. In my IELTS class I had a heated argument with my mate. I really get irritated easily these days, time to stop myself calling super cool. But it is always later that I realize that I am wrong; I have learnt the art of apologizing. But does apologizing really undo all the wrong things or bad words (thoughts) exchanged. Let me guess it helps to deter things from getting worse.

Anyway, just when I was watching T.V. (I have started watching more of it), I had call from my very near-and-dear friend. I was waiting for her call but I had not expected it. Does it sound stupid?

We greeted each other, following question how was our day and all. And then devil in my mind gets in action. I played a very stupid joke on her which was regarding a thing having significant impact on her life. I wish I never ever would have done that. She busted into tears, first time I felt so helpless (I felt helplessmany times but not with a feeling of self disgust). I try to console her but not to avail. I never meant to hurt her. But then saying “sorry” will never justify my poor act of making her cry. I am so bad. She will not call me again at least for 2-3 days.

Often in my imagination, I imagine her going happily to her bed thinking of me and smiling, had I not played that cruel joke on her.


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