19ef( the picture above has nothing to do with the blog entry and by the way I assume this pic is in the public domain. In case you are the owner of this pic, you are most welcome to sue me, but tell me at least 2-3 days before hand so I can call up my lawyer. Quarrelling won’t take us any where, let us file some lawsuits )

Some couple of years back, I read somewhere in a magazine that mostly people turn to Internet when they are not satisfied with their real social life. How much it is true? I completely disagree with this.

A recent research claimed the same. Do people really turn to Internet life when they are not satisfied in the real world? Topic is sensitive, where it will take us to. What about me? No, but hey when I most busy with my personal real life I tend to forget my online identity. If somehow I become bore or alone I turn to Internet or my blog.

I have met many people on Internet and all of them (few exceptions) were bitten by the bug of loneliness. Who better can understand loneliness than me? Anyhow, Vikas Malkani (a prominent inspirer) stresses that time spent with yourself is not wasted. That is to say, time spent doing nothing is not actually wasted but help you know your emotions, desires, feelings and yourself better.

“The worst poverty in this world is loneliness” – Mother Teresa

I have seen people feeling lonely while standing amidst thousands of people. How poor that feeling is? I don’t want to know and I wish no one ever experience it.

That is the theme of my latest poem, “Lonely evenings… “. I don’t usually praise myself for my poems, but it is such a wonderful poem. I like it to read it again and again. Read it and let me know your opinion.

( Well, if you are really the owner of the above pic, I am sorry. Please don’t sue me, if you don’t like it, let me know, I will remove the pic immediately. Thanks )


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