Few days ago, I read a interesting newspaper article. Before opening the article the author said she write best when she is most upset. I believe, the same goes for me. I write (read “type”) the best when I am most upset or disheartened.

I am writing this on a piece of paper (my free flowing thoughts). And it is almost half a decade since I used a pencil to write something about me or my thoughts. I have been using pen for long. I prefer pencil over pen. You can erase what you don’t want. How wonderful it would be if your life was a sheet of white paper and your actions are the writing and your mind is the pencil. Write whatever you want or scribble along, do not worry you can always erase it later. Or will you prefer to keep your paper blank (and clean)? Will you be not willing to write something?

Sitting in a well-lit room, waiting for the electricity cut to take over, I wonder I would have not been able to cherish the fun of writing with a pencil if there was not electricity cut at all. First ever I loved the electricity board. Writing or expressing thoughts for me, it conjures up the blurred image of screen half covered with nice wallpaper and notepad window or sometimes few buttons presses on the congested keypad of my mobile that gives me sleepless nights due to pain in my fingers.

Three paragraphs, I really enjoyed writing with a pencil. Look how fluently I move my hand, how smoothly I make curves or try to make, like if I am painting something. I believe I am a poor painter. I have been trying to improve my hand writing.

I always wonder whenever I try to be good at something, poorer I become at it. You know, I hate sharpening my pencil again and again.

To be more honest, I don’t want to make a mess of this writing. I am falling short of ideas, I better end this. Let me close this, before I open a new article.


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