Mild Inspirations

( the picture has nothing to do with the blog entry, but don’t you draw some mild inspiration from this picture )

Yahoooo… this is my 100th post, (thank you Niru for pointing it out to me, I just forgot that). What so special about this? I just made a century. Now, look for some surprises!

Lagging behind….

Finally lots of updates coming your way… Hi everyone I am back with a bang. Many of you are asking where I have been for sometime, well I was a little bit (I do mean it) busy with my PERSONAL life. I don’t want to jump right into topic of life’s surprises. I was really bored with colour green, but hey green still remains my favorite color. I am looking to make some changes to this blog. I want to spice it up all again…

29th factor

Well, 29 is a lucky date for me. I was born on 29th. I met someone special on 29th. I had lots of things happening on this day, with break ups and make ups occurring with all my friends. (I am having my IELTS exam right away on 29th of this month).
(In hexadecimal system, 2+9 =1., that means no. 1 u.m.a.a.a.h, that is what I like so about 29)

N factor

N stands for nice and naughty and NO. I have many friends with the name starting with N (hopefully some of them are off-line). For your information word S and N are the two most used alphabets in this world. Most of the words in dictionaries start with S and N. N alphabet is so closed to my heart after S. Just when I was discovering these things, I wonder we have two opposite directions starting with S AND N – south and north. Or is it north or south?

You will probably think what a stupid person, but hey do you know which is your favorite alphabet, if yes then let me know also…

Stay tuned till we get something better…

(PS: I am looking to start a Yahoo Group with this name (title of this post), but then I would have to be active if I want to be the owner. No No I don’t want any such groups, sometime I start dreaming )


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