Close Encounters

If you look at life as a puzzle, chances are you won’t be able to solve it. And if you believe it as straight passage, you will be able to travel this long and reach your destination. This is my belief. There are many things in our life that we don’t expect, that we don’t like, that we don’t find any reason for. You know what, I label them as “Close enconters with life and its truth…”

I have had many close encounters with truth, the kind of signals that life gives you. I mean sometime you are confronted with such situations which are real and true, and you don’t have any chance to change them. These situations are those one which you hate whole-heartedly, don’t expect them, afraid of their consequences. But you just have to accept them, life teaches you how to face them. Life is at its best teaching you how to live it.

Sometime, an event or tragedy happens, you believe how cruel actually life is. But my dear, I would say, you had a close encounter with the thing called life. Later you realise whatever happened is actually good and sigh that why don’t you converted the signal into meaningful or purposeful sign. Actually, it is the rule of nature. If you lose something, you will win something. If you sacrifice something, you will gain something.

One of my teachers used to say, if there is rain today, tommorow or someday other it will go dry. It rained today, probably because it was dry someday. This is how things have been arranged in a form and interlinked and dependent on/with each other.

You just have to wait, life will come and hold up your collars, and stare into your eyes and ask “Do you want to be happy or sad?”. If you choose happy, you will have to choose sad someday and if you choose sad, you will be happy someday. This is how whole scheme of things work. My dear, you had a close encounter with a thing called life and its truth…


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