Love Divine


One of the most widely venerated Hindu gods, worshiped as the eighth incarnation of Vishnu and as the supreme deity.

Many Krishna legends are drawn from the Mahabharata and the Purana s. His earliest appearance is in the Mahabharata as the divine charioteer of Arjuna, whom Krishna convinces that the war Arjuna is about to fight is just (see Bhagavadgita ). In later works Krishna was a slayer of demons, a secret lover of all devotees, and a devoted son and father. He also lifted the sacred hill of Govardhana on one finger to protect his devotees from Indra’s wrath. In art Krishna is often depicted with blue-black skin, wearing a loincloth and a crown of peacock feathers. As a divine lover, he is shown playing the flute, surrounded by adoring females.


born 1450?, Kudaki, India
died 1547?, Dwarka, Gujarat

Rajput princess and Hindu mystic whose songs are popular in northern India.

According to legend, Mirabai dedicated her life to Krishna after her husband’s death. She received sadhus and pilgrims at her private temple dedicated to Krishna and composed songs of devotion to him, unorthodox pursuits for a widow. Her poems allude to two attempts on her life, both foiled miraculously. When a delegation of Brahmans sought to return her to her husband’s kingdom, she disappeared. Only two poems bearing her signature can be dated before the 18th century, but her story is the most familiar among those of northern Indian saints.

We will address this topic later, just wanted to share a little bit of my findings


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