Traffic Hit

I usually don’t drive very fast. I like to drive slowly. Two reasons for that a) Avoids accident b) Save on petrol. But I really hate slow moving traffic. While driving to my IELTS coaching class (which is situated leaving behind the city), I really drive fast. Ummm… 110, 100, 95, 75, 60 is minimum (KM per hour). I really love getting the vehicles left behind. I like tilting my bike to either sides and getting past the slow moving turtles and zooming all the way into the crowd. And disappearing all the way. I suppose it may seem offending to some people, I would rather write “excuse me” behind my bike. Right?

Mobile is not allowed in the class, but hey you can’t live without your livers, heart, brain, and don’t forget mobile. It is fun driving your bike at the speed of around 110, when you start to feel tingling sensation. It’s your mobile ringing. You have a call. I don’t know about others, but I get excited when I listen or feel my cell ringing. An angel on my shoulder says you should park your vehicle on side before answering to any phone calls. This is funny; it is very tough stunt to get your bike stopped in no more than ten seconds. Wait, you know it already, and again you start hair pulling. When the choking voice on the other side says: “Sorry pal, its wrong number”. Frustrations set in. But that won’t us stop us from continuing the rest of the path.

Human nature is least expectable; we learn few things very slowly. No-one can stop me to stop my bike and answer to calls no matter how many wrong-numbers I get.

ATTENTION: I don’t recommend fast driving to anyone, I believe in safe practices and traffic rules. You should obey the speed limits. I do so, because I have the safety in place. My bike is equipped with super brakes, so my bike is never out of control. I know when to tilt the bike, when to speed up and when to slow down. Have happy time driving… (I would like to state I have 0% accident rate šŸ™‚


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