You have to pay the price…

don’t know how to begin this post – well, I have already done that. I was just thinking that for every thing we have in our life we have to pay an equal price for it. I mean, wait before you feel gratified, there is a price to pay.

You can accept this in the domain of those wrong decisions or those things which you thought you have already got without any effort. I mean later you realise that you have to pay the price for it. Sometime, the price is really expensive and take your whole life time to pay out. It is only you who have to pay the price.

What trigerred me to write about it was the fact that in order to be a man of respect one has to hard work equally. Things will not come to us easily but than you would have to hang up and pay the price before you can claim you have clinched the best deal.

Now it is quite foolproof that price necessarily need not to be in money but in emotions, feelings, sufferings, happiness and sadness. You can think it is as anything you can sacrifice.


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