Second Birth Um…

Just when me and my friend was discussing that how would one know whether it is his/her second birth, I came across this thought. Well, in order to answer the question “Is it my second birth?” one needs to have sixth sense or for that matter extra-ordinary spiritual powers, don’t think I am going to propose one of them here. But we will partly answer this question through simple thinking (with a little bit of sense).

In order to know that if it is our second birth we need to have the memories of our previous birth. This seems impossible in this scientific world, and even more difficult if you don’t believe in re-birth. But, consider this. Maybe life or god give us small signals or flashes of our previous birth that we may not understand.

I mean, have you felt or seen things that may have no reasons at all. Have you found yourself attracted to one place or a person or a thing without any reason whatsoever? Have you felt happy without any reason in some point of your life? Or feel deluded without any reason, or maybe cried without any reason (you did it when you were a small baby). Maybe you are here to pay out your debts which you have not paid in your previous birth. Or maybe to straighten out these things which you goofed up in your previous birth. This have happened to me, many times I feel attracted to a particular person or a place or a name or be happy without any reason.

Conclusion is difficult; I can’t possibly say that this is my second birth. Again, like I am used to saying, it is just an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.


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