Enjoying with new things

As I mentioned I joined IELTS coaching just two days ago, it is a new and a learning experience for me. (for-those-who-don’t-know IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System)

I never attended tutorials out of my school, while this is exciting; it is a whole new environment for me. New faces, new smiles, new gestures are the thoughts of the day. Well, I always boast I am very strong but to be honest I was a little bit shaky (or to say uncomfortable) to attend the class. But I would have to put aside this monster of fear and nervousness either way for my own sake, I entered the class. I think my batch-mates might be thinking I am over-confident type. I have learnt, I know how to play me cool.

Anyway, I had an exam before I got admitted. I thought it was pretty much easy (read “I wanted to impress the tutor”); I still got many answers – yeah wrong! But hey that was because my tutor instructed me wrong. Well, other way around, I sound a little bit too harsh to her when I objected to her getting one of my answers wrong. No doubts, I am over confident. I said question is impossible and you can’t find a way to answer it. But then she showed me the way. I like to apologies. (he he most of my friends know that first I initiate arguments and later accept that I am wrong)

I knew this before, there is going to be a lot of fun this summer till September arrives.


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