Random thoughts

Start to shut

Well this is really interesting, we have been using start button to shut down windows for many years. How strange, when we want to shut down our computer we click start>>shut down. There is no question of shutting down something without ever starting it. Hope Microsoft notices this and later fixes it 😉 LOL
(Don’t mind my stupid thoughts they are stupid as much as they are random)
Why I don’t watch so much T.V.?

Excessive television watching prevents the formation of new neuronal connections in the brain. Children, who watched too much television was found to be aggressive, had decreased attention span, and scholastically backward. Television cuts down study time and play time. It decreases social interactions, creative play and complex problem solving.

Take your time…

Okay, this may seem awkward but I am repeating it again and again, sorry for getting updates late. I am really struggling to strike a balance between this life and that life. I got myself admitted to IELTS course. So, you know pretty much, I am busy just a little bit. Never mind, AS USUAL, updates will keep coming.


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