Second Chances

Firstly, let me clear something for you here, even I don’t know what made me to re-open this topic (topic being “Is there any second chances in life?”)

I think this is getting interesting, following a deep thinking on this topic I have finally concluded that “no there are ain’t any second chances”. In case you don’t agree with this, we need to re-examine the whole question and very much the meaning of chances. The question is simple, while chances refer hereto one time (or lifetime) opportunities.

Consider this, we are given one chance of being born into this world. Then there is one lifetime chance of a being a child. Similarly, true love happens once in a lifetime. Marriage is possible once in a lifetime (I don’t believe in divorces). Death occurs to us once. In simple words, we live and die only once in a lifetime. Ain’t no second chances.

04/02/2006, this day is given to me once. It will not come back. It is pretty much sure that life will not give me a chance to live this day again. You know what I mean.

While dictionary defines chance as “A possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances”, circumstances can never be same, so is the effect on the variation of chance. Let us consider you believe you are given a chance you lost once, but remember it is actually the compensation cause you lost that chance. Actually, you are not given the chance that you lost, but a new one.

Hope you understand what I mean by saying “there ain’t no second chances”. Don’t forget to drop your comments. You wont get a chance again 🙂


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