Excuse me, umm… er…

“Nothing is more painful than to read a blog entry full of silly errors and spelling mistakes”

I thought I would make this post public since I received message from one of our friends Billy (alias Domo-Kun Toy) regarding a stupid spelling error in one of my blog blasts. I regret that and I will do my best to avoid them. I also feel sorry to misspell the name of Winston Churchill (I was in a hurry, you know W and E are next to each other so I ended up typing it as Einston).

Well, this post is regarding all the posts made on this blog (including this one) and those I am going to make in the future. It also includes all the elements of this blog plus blasts, comments and messages via this blog.

Please ignore/forgive me if I make silly spelling errors. I try very hard to keep them out but sometime in a hurry they crept in. I make all possible efforts to remove spelling mistakes and silly slip-offs. I also ensure that every blog entry is free from such spelling errors. I usually check for spelling errors in MS Word before posting them to the blog.

So, please ignore me if you find any such errors here and there and try to keep up with me and justify my excuse of limited time. Don’t think I am a careless person who doesn’t care much about the blog entries and spelling mistakes!

Billy, thank you for pointing it out to me!


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