Time Whispers

Slowly o slowly,
time whispers into my ears,
memories of past years!

Time collects few moments for me,
kept in my heart safely locked down;
let me close the door,
so no secrets get disclosed.

Do not let the moment pass by,
it has ears and listen everything;
it has eyes and watch everything.
it has hands and pick everything.
now one moment recites me some years,
everything I said, I did.
as time whispers into my ears.

Slowly o slowly,
few secrets getting disclosed!
few frowns and few cheers
as time whispers in to my ears.

Some secrets, some faces,
some names!
taking my breath away;
As I go back and respire,
someone leans and listen,
to another story of my life.

slowly o slowly
time taking its toll on me
as it whispers into my ears
the lament of past years.

[Picture: For the past few days, I am experimenting with Macro (for that matter “flower”) mode of my camera. Here is a end result of one of my experiments.]


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