Challenge God

You know it, the pain and anger and the act of pulling out your hairs. I mean if you are used to e-mail or sms (‘specifically’) you might have received some hoax-kind of thing that if you forward this mail or sms to some particular no. of people this and that will happen, you will become rich or poor or your dream will come true. I really hate such messages and sometime I even don’t read them and hit the delete as soon as I can.

Most of such mails sometime use the theme of religion. I mean something related to religion or god. For e.g. some sacred saying or thought and put you a condition if you believe in it or respect it you must then forward it also. It is ridiculous, religion has become so high-tech that it moves in air as micro-waves (I don’t know what was it, I was weak in this part of physics) from mobile to mobile or computer. No offence to anyone or any religions, but consider this. Religion is a wonderful thing, I believe, any of them is a set of principles that a man can follow to live successful life.

If you follow some religion, you just need to place faith in it and believe in it whole-heartedly. You need not to forward such messages to prove your point. Anyone will make the religion impure by following such practices.

What is even more interesting is I received one sms from my friend. It begun with the following lines “if you delete this you will fail in your exams”. And followed by some religious saying. And instructed me to forward it to at least 11 people. And you know what I did? Hit delete and done. I have chosen to challenge the god or for that matter that religious saying, let me see if I hit delete I will fail or pass. And I have full confident that I will pass out since I did well in my exams.

Two things are clear:
1) Sender is in doubt he will pass or fail
2) I actually challenged the creator of that chain message not god or that religious saying.

Two reasons why I deleted that message:
1) Since I have faith in me and my religion for the sake if it.
2) I believe one will not pass or fail by forwarding such messages.

Two requests:
1) Please don’t participate in such hoaxes, delete them if you can.
2) Please don’t create or encourage such type of thing, it is a clear waste of resources and time.


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