Take Life’s Surprises

How strangely things have been arranged in this world for me, I mean for that matter, everyone. Life is always giving you surprises and sometime shocks. Well this month saw a couple of such “unexpected” surprises. Things that I believe should happen with me are happening with someone else and things I don’t expect are happening or bothering me a lot. I mean why is it so? Is it due to our nature that the things we dream of or want, we usually don’t get, but others who don’t want get them in abundance. It is far more than truth, that those people who doesn’t care much about the things will get those things without any hard work. I better use word desire than want. why? difference is like this. Desire is a feeling to have something. Want is the willingness to have something and backed by such ability to compensate for that want. Hope you are getting what I am trying to convey?

An interesting event happened few days ago. My ex-classmate, my friend also, called me up (she don’t usually do that, she never call me except in few cases when I force her to do so) and said that she was in a restaurant. I asked if I could come and join, she said ‘yes’. I was surprised she has a reserved kind of personality. But then I enquired if I was disturbing her she might be enjoying with someone else why should I come? She assured she is alone and I thought I would give her a nice company and we would have a glass of coke or two. I reached there in no time, we had shake hand then I asked her to choose the table she wants. Anyway in-between her boy friend came out of some hidden place. I was shocked, I have no fears, but she said she was alone. She lied to me. One simple lie turned out to be the cause of my anger. I shook hands with her bf and with a broad smile I wished good bye? I left the place in no moment. Why should I disturb them they might be having wonderful time with each other. And what was the cause of my anger is the fact that she lied to me. So quick and cruel.



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