What I Dream of?

I dream of a place which is not possible in this real world.

I dream of a place where everyone is invited and no one is left out and where entry is not restricted on the basis of age, caste, color or creed. Where entry is free and there is no partiality with the rich and poor. Where everyone is treated with equal love and everyone is given freedom of thoughts and a chance to choose his own destiny. Where there is no chain of relations but a supreme relationship called friendship. Where everyone is brother and sister and those who left are true lovers bonded with one common link of friendship.

Where there are no hidden motives and no intentions to hurt someone. Where smile is must for everyone and where burden of sadness is relieved with happiness. Where everyone is satisfied and rest and not run in vicious circles. I dream of a place where there is no sign of hatred and of being jeolous. Where one’s hunger and thirst is treated with never-ending showers of love and compassion. Where one is provided shelter after being rejected. Where one is given clothes of trust and true love and peace which is weaved with the mono-colored thread of white. Where one is compensated for his true love. Where there is no money accepted but words of compliments and heart-felt feelings are weighed upon. Where there is no entry of misery and sadness.

Where one comes with a dejected soul and not return empty handed.

I dream of a place which is not possible in this real world.

Well that dream is of unreal world and not a parcel of my selfishness. Here is my selfish side, I dream of a car, a big house and my family re-united into one place. That’s all I dream of.

(ABOVE : One of pictures of sunset in our village, I shot it few sunsets ago)


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