Being healthier…

It is long time, since one of my close friends had recommended me to avoid junk food. She was altogether right, but then I am still not able to get rid of my junk food intake habits. I am helpless. And what I can say I have become a little bit conscious about my health?

But now I have decided to change the whole scenario and make a list of things I will never eat, or avoid for some time or will take regularly. First of all, my first target is Berger and noodles. My intake of Berger is about 4-5 per week (sometime two in a day) and I have fixed a deadline and that’s 2 Berger in a week. I don’t take much of noodles, so I need not to worry much about it. I have also decided to restrict cold drinks and other oily food items.

To be healthier, I have increased intake of green vegetables and I recommend it to everyone and especially to those who have eye weakness. I have switched my taste to mushrooms, and they are good source of nutrition. I have also decided to take breakfast regularly as it provides a reservoir of energy for the rest of the day. Well, I think I am already hungry. I should go and eat first. Mom will call me a in a second and I am going to eat a wonderful dish made of green vegetables! (see picture).

I have thought of increasing my non-veg food intake as it also helps to provide various nutrients required for the body. I have dropped my chocolate intake to almost to zero. However, I take 1-2 toffees occasionally after the lunch or dinner. This helps to retain the taste of the mouth.

It looks simple-to-follow diet plan, but it poses a big challenge to me. I have to restrict my taste and appetite and follow the plan strictly so as to remain healthier.

EDIT: I am really a fool who don’t know how to live I had two burgers and one cold drink today and result is I am sick, with throat infection and other problems!


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