out of box experience

Let me apologize here for a silly experiment I did with my previous post. That extra formatting might have bothered every one of you. (Even I don’t find any combination of green with orange; green being the color of my theme and orange for the boxes I used for description). And you might have punched me already for that!

I think I will have to change few things to make this blog a little better. I think every blog is unique and have its own identity and personality. And I believe the personality of my blog is somewhat simple and informative not to mention inspiring. So everyone out there, I will ensure my best that this personality doesn’t get carried away with some few stupid mistakes. To err is human, so if I made a few such mistakes please forgive me.

Out of the box experience…

Ah… finally my room has become nirvana… I just organized everything into my room and done it tidy and decorated it with few things. I also got all the books out of my bed (though they like to sleep with me). So, I can sleep spreading my legs to the farthest corner of the bed (NOTE: not everyone gets to do this).

Exams are over. It gives a feeling of pure bliss, a certain satisfaction over what has been done. I feel less stressed and I am thinking to complete my few projects (including that off-line blog editor, it still needs some polishing).

I can’t think of anything better than blogging, I don’t find anything creative to do nowadays. I used to make greeting cards for my friends but since I have no more contact with my friends who shall I make greeting cards for!

I write few poems in a month but to be honest I am not getting any that “interesting idea” to carve out another peace of imagination. I have written few poems that needed to be shared among us people but I don’t know what is restricting me to share them. Maybe I will do that later!

I was thinking to learn art of graphology. I will get back to it in next few posts. (Till then keep anticipating what it is? TIP: Google it)


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