Atlas so long thirst come to an end,
since the tide of love has swept;
Drown deep in the sea of love,
whirling down even more;
All barren lands go green;
I dare not to reach the shores!

So, finally exams are over and I am free! I had my last exam today and I am done! Now I have to wait for the results. Punch me for making a mess out of this blog! Now you feel happy. I will carry out some updates later

Here few updates…

Husbands are really innocents
First check out my pictures (yahoo picture album ). my friend sent it to me and I find them worth sharing. Kids are really nice and innocent. But watch out what the girl is saying to boy. view them as a slide show and don’t forget to read the captions (husbands are really innocent)

Soothing Music
Secondly check out soothing music here! I like to listen to it when I am composing most of my blog posts. I really love it and it so relaxing (it was from some

Don’t throw your link here and there!
If your a spammer you might think, hey if I put my link here some other blogger reading the comment will click on it to see my website. Wrong! Half the people don’t care. Reality check here, check your counter, it barely moves, considering the amount of work it took to spam people. The conversion rate is probably 1% as well, that means out of the 100 people you spam 1 person will do what you want them to do such as make a nice comment on one of your blog entries.

And if you are still thinking what this blog is all about see here this might help you know this blog better!


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