Have sympathy with them

AIDS (stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) it is one of the deadliest diseases a man may have to suffer or it is the most fatal epidemic that humanity has to face.

The number of AIDS victims is on the rise and the disease is spreading even faster. It is prevalent in the un-educated and the lower section of the society. In India this problem is really becoming a cause of concern. But government is taking a lot of initiatives to educate the people about this deadly disease and make them more aware (and I would like to be a part of it).

I want this post dedicated to those who are suffering this disease and those who have suffered this disease and have rested their temporal bodies. I pray for the peace of their souls.

What I have been noticing is that, people try to avoid the victims and prefer not to interact with them. It really hurts me, as they have the same rights as we have. And they had the right to lead respectful and peaceful life (though they have a very little left). I would like to request people please interact with them and made them feel that they are the part of the wonderful life. We should not make them realize that they are affected with the disease! (And even some people avoid themselves to shake hand with the victims). Remember, how the disease spread? But at least not with hand shake or of exchanging a few nice words or thoughts!

We should offer them the best we can and make them more comfortable with life.

Remember, Shakespeare, nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so!


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