Don’t hide behind the walls

One of my friends called me up to tell me a peculiar dream that she had about how I tried to hide myself from all the friends (for that matter school friends). She meant to say that I tried to run away from every one. I was also surprised.

In other words we can say, as she narrated to me her dream, I changed my phone number and wanted to get rid of everyone who had it. Very clever. And I even changed my home for this purpose. Is it because I have restricted interaction with my friends? I am suspecting why I don’t attend the calls from my friends?

But at last, she discovers my number written in her diary (my new number) and call me up and give that new number to everyone who wanted to it. Interesting dream. But I never knew my friends think like that about me.

Let me clear it here, I don’t want to get rid of anyone and I want my friends back. But since, circumstances do not allow it. I can’t do it.

But I will never go underground and hide myself from others because I am not a criminal or thief.


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