One Moment Stolen

One moment stolen…

From the tree of memories,
one moment is stolen;
And some leaves of happiness,
have dried and fallen;

Standing long for so long,
alone in the desert of loneliness;
He try to gain back his youth,
when some bird of love
try to reach him!

Someone tried to cut it,
And few tears are fallen;
It has already gone withered,
since one moment is stolen;

Out of selfishness,
I look at that big forest,
I discover some more tree stumps;
Someone has cut them all,
it seems lot of moments have been stolen!


In this poem, I imagine my memories as a tree. And it leaves being of different color green (happiness), blue (anger and cold), and dried (sadness). Very often we forget one or two moments which are very ordinary in nature yet have huge impact on our life, I have imagined it as stolen (one moment is stolen). And due to this our happiness is also taken away. (Falling leaves)

It is obvious, that our memories way back to quite some time (standing long for so long) and some of the memories we don’t usually share with others (alone in the desert of loneliness). And it is often that we meet new friends and people that we tend to share our memories with them (try to gain back his youth). I labeled friend as a bird.

Our new friend or some people suggest that we should forget our memories (for our own sake). I have conveyed it as cutting of the tree. But we can’t, and sometime even we shed out tears *which is wrong*. But finally it is cut down (sometime we tend to forget our memories, which is better, for a brand new life) owing to the fact that tree was already bent with pain (gone withered) and because of forgetting that moment. (one moment is stolen)

But wait, when out of my selfishness, I see at a bigger picture and actual landscape, I see that there is a forest out there (forest being compared to other people’s memories). I get to know that there are many tree stumps (the base part of a tree that remains standing after the tree has been felled). And someone has cut them all. It means many people forget their memories (which I believe is a good thing) because *someone* has made everyone to forget that ordinary-so-simple moment. Hence, it seems lots of moments have been stolen.

PS: Ignore me for using lots of brackets and long sentences. I don’t know from where I developed this bad habit, I am currently working on it. I understand long sentences are difficult to read on a monitor screen.


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