Happiness & Sadness are not the same thing

Happiness: a) State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy
b) Emotions experienced when in a state of well-being

Sadness: a) Emotions experienced when not in a state of well-being
b) The state of being sad

For few days I am struggling to know if sadness and happiness is the same thing or not.
I found out the meanings, but from the meaning it is clear that happiness and sadness is not the same thing!

Can we relate beauty with sadness? There may be beauty in sadness but no sadness in beauty. Beauty is a expression of love, truth and peace which are further related with happiness.

Beauty is generally what makes us happy (other ways to say it is satisfied), beauty can never make us sad. Sometime there is beauty in sadness (a picture of a frowning lady is a well example of it).

If we have to consider other thoughts, we may realize that sadness and happiness are the same thing! But it is contrary to what is the theme and that it is “Happiness and sadness is not same thing…”

Hope everyone don’t mind this useless and meaningless post! I think I am wrong
Here is explanation why? (from my friend Niru)

Light & darkness, day & night, happiness & sadness, good & evil – all these are simply the two surface of the same existence which happens to be two dimensional (2D). They co-exist and because are they 2D in nature we can only see one side of it at a time and because we can never see two sides at the same time we think that they are two different entities. For example, it can never be day and night at the same time, and like you said happiness and sadness can’t be the same but if we think carefully we notice that while it is night in one part of the world at the very moment it is day on the other side of the planet. Day is simply the absence of night or vice versa, and same goes for good & evil; happiness & sadness. They are simply the absence of each other……….


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