Offline blog editor…

As you know I compose most of my blog entries off-line, I am working on a small project called offline blog editor. This helps to let you compose blog posts just as you would do it online. To be specific, it is an html-cum-blog editor. It is not great but it is somewhat helpful and come in handy sometime.

It is simple, it lets you compose your blog entry off-line and then save them to a text file (which is html based). However, it does not allow you to update the blog itself. You have to do it yourself. You need to copy the content of text file into your online blog editor. It has some features (which may work or NOT) which usually the online editor does not have.

I will continue it (and release it for free) only if I find that people really need it. (Participate in the poll below to let me know).

For suggestions drop me a message. You can also post your comments below.


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