Help me in choosing a a career…

I am thinking of making creative use of new “Create Poll” feature of Yahoo 360. As you already know I am giving out my +2 examinations soon I will be faced with the decision to choose what profession I would like to be in. And this time I want your help.

I always wanted to be a software engineer. My dad and sister say I should go for MBA programme (I don’t know about job prospects). While my mom suggests that I should do hotel management (keeping in mind my quality of being hungry all the time). I am confused. My friends (for that matter my close friend) wants me to do BCA. I was also thinking to go to Canada for further studies.

To be frank, I think I am interested in all of them (I wish I could do them all, but I am one). I don’t feel these are being forced unto me, they are my well-wishers and they have right to think about my career and further they are giving me full freedom to choose whatever I want to do.

But let me know your opinion also. Suppose if you were in my place what would you do?


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