Well, I updated my interests….

It is not possible that someone can update his/her interests overnight. By updating my interests I mean that I have updated my personal info section with the actual interests I have. Previous it was “I love developing and playing games”, I wrote it in the hurry.


What should I say? You should know that blogging has become my favorite and I just love the idea. And I am really hooked up to it. Every now and then, I am think of updating my blog and finding content (which is its worth) of posting here.


I already have written a lot about on music here in. You can see

Digital Video and photography.

I should say I am a avid photographer. I really love the concept of digital photography. Most of the time, during my prime hours I indulge myself into music creation and editing, digital photography and then digital video editing. By digital, I mean a spectrum of things. And what is inspiration to me is the kudos that I get from my friends when I show them my creations, they just love it and very often some avoid themselves to comment on it.

Game and software development

When I am not engaging in activities of music and video you will found me finding a small punctuation error on the screen due to which my whole software or program become crippled. I am talking about programming. I love it (and I would like it to be my profession). I have created many useful programs for myself (which I think are useful to me only and not others). I also, sometime back, thought of learning how to develop video (or computer) games. And it miserably failed. Anyway, I learnt a lot about how games work and what the tools behind them are.

Genetic Engineering

I was a good student of biology. I loved it, though I am not interested in scratching someone’s skin to know what is beneath I was (and is) interested in genetic engineering and the way hormones works. I mean they are the driving force behind everything we do, we are, we want, we feel. I will carry a detail article on it later. (My bio teacher asked me once why not medical stream? I cherish that moment; she has over-estimated my ability to become a good medical student)

Social networking and Poetry

I love making friends online. This help to expand your world and the horizon to which your mind can think. I love making contacts, people with different outlook and backgrounds interests me. But then I suspect ordinary people are the source of my inspiration. And one thing more, poetry. My favorite pastime, sitting in a dark room and waiting the electricity cut to take over I might be working on a poetry idea in my mind. I don’t know, but then I feel that why I write poems? What makes some one to write poems? I mean may be the environment or maybe the circumstances. I find it easy to express myself better through the means of poems.


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